Earn Reward Points



What are Reward Points?

A: Reward Points, are digital coins, added to your account, every time you complete a purchase, or by completing a product review (limit 2), for products you've already purchased.


How Do I Earn Points?

A: There are 4 Ways you can earn Reward Points

  1. Create An Account (Sign Up)
  2. Completed Order(s)
  3. Follow us on Instagram
  4. Follow us on Twitter


1. First Time Purchase

You will earn (5) Reward Points for Creating your account here on ProSoundz.


2. Completed Order
You will earn 1 Point per $1 spent on all products and orders.


3. Follow our Instagram Account (Access Rewards Widget)

(Make sure you're signed into your ProSoundz account first)


 4. Follow our Twitter Account (Access Rewards Widget)

(Make sure you're signed into your ProSoundz account first)



How Do I Redeem Reward Points?


Use the Rewards widget on the left side of the page


Can I Earn Reward Points by Buying with Reward Points?

A: No, You will not be able to earn points, simply by using your already earned points, on purchases.


Can I Use Reward Points and a Coupon Code together on the same cart?

A: No, you can only apply one of each form of discounts at a time per shopping cart.


Can I Transfer Reward Points Between Different Accounts?

A: No, you can't transfer reward points between customer accounts.


Where Can I See How Many Reward Points I Have?

A: Login to your account, Click on the bottom left hand side, "Rewards", to be shown how many points you have earned.


How Long do I Have to Redeem my Reward Points?

A: Forever, you reward points DO NOT expire, and are linked to your account, as long as your account is in good standing.


Additional Information:

  • Almost every product available will have the option to be purchased with reward points (unless specified
  • Product Reward Points Price, will be for the original display price for the product, and not the current sale, or discount price. (Example: Product A is on sale for $10.00 USD, but the original price is $29.99 USD, You will still need to redeem (30) Reward Points, to purchase this item with reward points.
  • Reward points are applied automatically.



If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a an Email on our Contact Us page, and be sure to put "Rewards Points" In the subject line.